Rivall for Hosts FAQ

Getting Started

What do I need to host my own league?

The first step is to sign up as a host on Rivall. After that, what you'll need will be specific to the type of league you're planning.

Most commonly you'll need:

  1. Somewhere to play. This may be a gym, bar, or field depending on your activity. If hosting in a public area, check to see if you need to purchase a permit from your local government.
  2. Equipment. Easily found at your local sports store or online (say, on Amazon).
  3. Jerseys/team shirts. Rivall collects t-shirt sizes from players when they register. You can download your league's shirt requirements and order through any t-shirt vendor. Coming soon: the ability to order jerseys directly through Rivall.
  4. Managers/referees. Hosts of small leagues usually handle hosting/reffing duties themselves. You can also post jobs online, or source from the players in your leagues.

What does it cost to use Rivall?

Rivall is completely free to use. The amount you charge is the amount you'll receive when someone registers. When a player registers, Rivall adds a processing fee to the total registration cost, which is covered by the player.

Can I use Rivall to organize a casual league with friends?

Rivall was designed for pay-to-play leagues, but you can use it for casual leagues as well. To keep a league between friends, choose "Private" when creating the league. The league won't appear on the Rivall discover page, and you can have friends register directly via the league's Invite Link.

Setting Up Payments

I don't have a website for my leagues/business. How do I create my Stripe account?

Stripe uses a website to ensure you're receiving payments for legitimate reasons (read more here).  If you don't have a website, you can submit the URL to your organization's Rivall landing page. You can find the URL on your Dashboard.

Managing Registrations

What are Company Teams and why should I offer them?

Company teams allow people to pay up-front for an entire team. This is useful to people organizing on behalf of a company, club, or other group.

These teams are password-protected and can only be joined when shared by the creator. Team members still register, but they don't have to pay individually.

You set the price for a Company Team. We recommend charging the equivalent of the regular registration cost multiplied by the average team size.

Not only does do Company Teams make things easier for team organizers, they make your job easier, too. Offering Company Teams through Rivall helps you avoid the hassle of coordinating with companies/clubs directly. It's also an instant full team for your league; responsibility for recruiting players falls to the Company Team creator.

A player wants to be on a team with their friend. How do I make sure this happens?

There are a few solutions depending on the situation.

If player A and player B haven't registered yet:

Rivall makes it easy for friends to register in groups. Player A just needs to choose the Register in a Group option when they register. Once complete, they'll have a group invitation link to share with player B.

If player A has registered but player B has not:

Go to the Manage page and click on the league. Select Roster tab on the left.

If player A registered individually, click the + icon to create a new group. Drag player A into the group, give the group a name and color, then click Save. Player A can then share the group's invitation link with player B.

If player A and player B have already registered:

Go to the Manage page and click on the league. Select Roster tab on the left.

If player A and player B are both free agents, click the + icon to create a new group. Drag player A and player B into the group. Give the group a name and color, then click Save.

If player B wants to join player A's group, drag and drop player B into player A's group. Click Save.

Someone wants to register after registration has closed/the league has filled. What do I do?

Players can still register even after registration has closed. All they need is the Invite Link.

To find yours, go to the Manage page and click on the league. Under the Main league tab, you'll see the 'Invite Link'.

If the player wants to join a group, click the Registrations tab. Find the desired group and you'll see a 'Group Invite Link'.

If registration closed early because the league is full, you have the option of opening up more spots. Go to the Manage page and click on the league. Under the Edit tab, click Activity Settings. Either increase the league size or the team size. Either will increase the total league capacity, and registration will automatically reopen.

After Registration Closes

What do I need to do after registration closes?

There are three important steps to take care of as soon as possible after registration closes.

  1. Assemble teams. After registration closes, you will see the Teams tab on the league page. Clicking it will take you to the teams assembler.
  2. Order jerseys. After creating teams, Rivall will generate a jersey order form for you. Find it under the Teams tab. Click Order Jerseys to view the order form. When finished, click Mark Jerseys as Ordered. (Skip this step if your league does not offer jerseys.)
  3. Release the schedule to players. After creating teams, Rivall automatically generates a schedule per your league's settings. The schedule will not be released to players until you approve it. To do so, click the Schedule tab, make any edits if needed, and click Release Schedule to Players.

How do I use the Team Assembler?

After registration closes, you will see the Teams tab on the league page. Clicking it will take you to the Teams Assembler.

Click Auto Assemble for Rivall to generate teams for you. Then, you can make edits to the team names and colors, and drag-and-drop players into different teams as needed.

After you save the teams, you can always revisit the assembler by clicking the Team Assembler button.

Note: in some cases, Auto Assemble may not work because, given the number of registrations, no team configuration can satisfy the league's settings. In this case, you can assemble teams manually, or you can adjust the league's settings to accomodate the number of registrations.

Other questions?

Reach out to us at support@rivall.io. We'll get back to you within one business day.