League Management for Adult Sports

Rivall for Hosts is the first league management platform designed specifically for adult sports leagues.
And, it's 100% free to use.

Simple enough for first-time hosts.
Sophisticated enough for organizations.


Create & Customize.

Create leagues with a simple, streamlined setup flow. Choose from one of the many activities supported by Rivall (and more on the way!)


Track Progress.

View the status of your leagues in one place. Monitor registrations, make adjustments, check revenue, and more.


Hands-Off Management.

Rivall automatically generates teams & schedules for you, and provides powerful tools for adjustments and customizations.


Seamless Payments.

Rivall handles registrations and payment processing. Our integration with Stripe makes it easy to track & transfer revenue. You keep what you charge!

Rivall brings league software into the modern age.


A streamlined registration flow means more conversions.

With fewer steps and stored payment data, Rivall's registration flow is built to optimize conversions. Translation: more players, and more cash.


Exposure is built-in - no marketing required.

Leagues created on Rivall are automatically discoverable on the Rivall for Players application.


Powerful sharing tools, more registrations.

The easier it is to recruit teammates, the more players you acquire. Finally, players can invite friends to leagues over SMS and social media - not just email.

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Rivall vs. the Other Guys

What Rivall Does

Rivall is unique because it's designed for adult sports. The players themselves are registering, recruiting teammates, and engaging with the platform - not their parents. This means Rivall can provide features relevant to adult sports, and omit those that aren't.

Rivall combines league management with league discovery. Through its complete platform (Rivall for Hosts and Rivall for Players), Rivall can facilitate the connection between organizations, hosts, and players. Your leagues will be visible to players alongside other leagues on Rivall.

Rivall also has the most powerful management tools in the biz, from a drag-and-drop teams assembler, to automatic game rescheduling, to simultaneous gameplay options... check it out to see everything.

Finally, despite its enterprise-caliber capabilities, Rivall is free & easy to use. No need to call a sales rep. You can sign up and start hosting leagues today.

What Rivall Doesn't Do

Unlike some other platforms, Rivall does not provide a fully customizable webpage for league businesses. Each Rivall for Hosts organization gets its own landing page on Rivall, which most hosts will find sufficent. In other cases, organizations can link directly to their leagues on Rivall from their external websites. See below for examples of Rivall landing pages:

Organization · League (Logged Out) · League (Logged In)

Rivall is constantly expanding to add more capabilities and features. If you have requests or feedback, please send us an email at hi@rivall.io.

Start the party.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs or shoot us an email at hi@rivall.io.